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The Seventh Generation: Quiet Thunder Speaks

by Greg Vizzi


 The Seventh Generation book cover illustrationThe Seventh Generation book cover illustration


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Chief Quiet Thunder's principle audience are school age children from grades 4 to 8. However, he also gives presentations to college and graduate level audiences and on one occasion, the United Nations.

The Seventh Generation was written for a mature audience with end notes and historical references. It contains all the material from The Original People with additional content not appropriate for grade school level readers. In The Original People, there are stories of growing up, family, and Lenape history. Cultural traditions and religion are also covered, but The Seventh Generation goes into greater depth.

The Seventh Generation includes more areas of Chief Quiet Thunder’s adult life and working experience in modern society. Some of the topics covered are tribal relations, politics, government policies, archeology, racial issues and religion. The Seventh Generation is written in Quiet Thunder's own words and from his perspective. The following chapters have been added:


Modern Times

Indian Awareness

The Seventh Generation

The Myth of Federal Recognition

The Seventh Generation will be published after the publication and book launch of The Original People. Please stay tuned! - Greg Vizzi


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