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Events And Recordings

  • BOOK SIGNING:  Lines On The Pines; Stockton University; 3/12/23  INFO  LINK

  • BOOK SIGNING: ACUA Earth Day Festival; 4/23/23  INFO  LINK


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Chief Quiet Thunder and Mark Helpsmeet 04/10/2020  Chief Quiet Thunder & The Earth

Greg Vizzi and Mark Helpsmeet 10/28/2021  Original People: the Lenni-Lenape Tribe

ONLINE BOOK PRESENTATION: Whitesbog Preservation Trust, Harvesting Stories, Whitesbog, NJ Greg Vizzi and Sarah Augustine 4/1/22  WatchThe Original People

PODCAST INTERVIEW: The Many Shades of Green, 2/2/23  INFO  LINK


ONLINE TRIBUTE TO CHIEF QUIET THUNDER AND BOOK PRESENTATION by Greg Vizzi for the University of Delaware with Chief Dennis Coker and RuthAnn Purchase: 2/23/2020 Article: READ


BOOK TALK and SIGNING: Bartram's Garden, PA 5/22/21

BOOK TALK and SIGNING: Ocean City, NJ Historical Society 8/12/21

BOOK SIGNING: Bridgeton, NJ Public Library Indie Author Day 11/13/21

BOOK SIGNING: Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Green Trading Post, Southhampton, NJ 12/11/21 


BOOK SIGNING: Lines On The Pines: Stockton University, Pomona, NJ 3/13/22

BOOK SIGNING: Earth Day, Atlantic County Utilities Authority, Pleasantville, NJ 3/24/22

ONLINE BOOK TALK: Whitesbog Preservation Trust, Harvesting Stories, Whitesbog, NJ 4/1/22

CONTEST WINNER! IndieReader announces The Original People the winner of the 2022 Discovery Award, 6/1/22 READ

BOOK SIGNING: Whitesbog Preservation Trust, Living History and Authors' Day, Whitesbog, NJ 7/23/22

WINNER! THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE makes the top 10 best reviewed books on IndieReader 9/1/22 READ

BOOK SIGNING: Hammonton Green Market, Sept.15, 2022 POSTER

BOOK SIGNING: Indie Author Day; Bridgeton, NJ Public Library 11/19/22 POSTER

BOOK SIGNING: Green Trading Post, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Southhampton, NJ 12/3&4/22 INFO LINK:

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